No.23【讓聖靈工作 / Let Your Spirit Move】官方歌詞MV – 約書亞樂團、曹之懿

#No23 #7月23日全面發行 #約書亞樂團 #讓聖靈工作


讓聖靈工作 / Let Your Spirit Move
詞曲 Lyricist & Composer:曹之懿 Isabelle Tsao、趙治德 Samuel Chao、金品齊 Pinky Chin、洪以琳 Elim Hung
英譯詞 Translator:宋怡萌 Joy Sung
演唱 Vocal:曹之懿 Isabelle Tsao

[Verse 1]
祢按手在我心上 祝福我
Place Your hand upon my heart, blessing me
You call me to prophesy
Dry bones come alive

[Verse 2]
我帶著信心宣告 祢話語
With faith I am declaring Your word
祢向我發出邀請 見證祢運行
You are inviting me to witness Your great works

Your Spirit moves around ‘round ‘round
Your glory goes around ‘round ‘round
Your river flows around ‘round ‘round
Your holiness is pouring down

Breath of life, blow forth
Let Your Spirit move
骨與骨聯絡 因祢的手
Joint by joint connect, by Your strong hand
Breath of life, blow forth
Let Your Spirit move
骸骨正復活 為祢行走
Dry bones now revive, rise up for You

因祢氣息 枯骨甦醒
Where Your breath goes dry bones waken
來讚美 讚美祢
To praise You, they praise You
踐踏死亡 復活生命
Resurrection life tramples death
Walk into Your will

因祢大能 我們聚集
By Your great might we gather here
來敬拜 敬拜祢
To worship, worship You
榮耀軍隊 正在興起
Glorious army now arising
Long for Your Spirit

製作人 Producer / 趙治德 Samuel Chao
配唱製作人 Vocal Producer / 璽恩 SiEnVanessa
編曲 Arrangement / 趙治德 Samuel Chao
Keyboard & Synths / 趙治德 Samuel Chao
Electric Guitar / 孫立衡 Peter Sun
Bass / 簡道生 Dawson Chien
Drums / 蔣孟平 Benjamin Chiang
和聲配唱製作人 Background Vocals Producer / 趙治德 Samuel Chao
和聲編寫 Background Vocals Arranger / 趙治德 Samuel Chao
和聲 Background Vocals / 趙治德 Samuel Chao、蔡依純 Anna Cai
錄音 Recording Engineer / 李宛叡 Rayya Li、葉惟恩 Calvin Yeh(Drums)
剪輯 Editing Engineers / 劉淑莉 Lily Liu、趙治德 Samuel Chao
混音 Mixing Engineer / 孫立衡 Peter Sun
錄音室 Studio / 異象工場
執行製作 Executive Producer / 李宛叡 Rayya Li
製作行政統籌 Project Manager / 蔡依純 Anna Cai

奉獻 Asia for JESUS/ 約書亞樂團事工